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APRIL, 2024


The Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library Celebrate 50 Years

The Changing Role of Libraries in America
Challenges and Opportunities: A Focus on Small and Rural Communities

In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, The Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library presents a talk and conversation with Jonna Ward, Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Public Library Foundation. Ward has been a visionary change-maker in the library field. She has
expanded and strengthened a network of libraries across the country recognizing the changing role of libraries in education and community support.

Her talk will explore the dynamic landscape of public libraries and how they are evolving with a special focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of small, rural libraries. She will delve into how these institutions can leverage their crucial roles in community engagement and education and the important role of philanthropy and advocacy to make this happen.

Jonna joined the Seattle Public Library in 2001 to support the community phase of the Foundation’s successful $83 million capital campaign. In 2008, she was promoted to run the Foundation. During her leadership, the Foundation has grown to be the largest public library foundation in the country based on managed assets. Ward’s influence extends far beyond Seattle through her recently launched online Library Support Network Community. The Network includes the International Public Library Fundraising Conference and #LibraryGivingDay for library leaders and fundraising professionals seeking to increase funds and build advocacy for their institutions.

Jonna’s talk is open to the public and begins at 2PM at La Fonda on May 4, 2024. Please register to attend.

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